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In three days time I leave to begin filming Summer of the Sharks. We have big plans for the new Shark Divers TV series that this film will lead into. As soon as the movie has been shot the crew will begin the laborious task of editing the footage and hopefully turning our vague ideas and lofty aspirations into a watchable and entertaining shark film. While this is taking place I will return home and start editing the new shark pictures that I will have taken during the trip. We are planning some unique chumming sessions so we really have no idea what species of sharks will be photographed but its a fair guess that there wont be any Great White Shark Pictures until later in the year (but it would be one hell of a story if a Great White Shark showed up to lunch in the southern Caribbean). If we’re very lucky we may get Mako shark pictures but there are no guarantees. So, unless both my cameras flood I should have some new images loaded by the end of June.

While I’m out of touch with the world I’ll be working on a new section of Elasmodiver dedicated to the Shark Champions; those fearless ambassadors of the elasmo world who battle everyone from politicians to fishermen to help protect the worlds dwindling shark populations. The idea is to create a database of shark protection organizations that readers can wade through until they find the one best suited to their own ethics and agendas. Each company intro will have a link straight to their joining page so that anyone inspired by the work that they are doing can easily join up and add their support. Keep an eye open for it.

For the Sharks,

Andy Murch

Andy is the Staff Photographer at Shark Diver Magazine and the host of Elasmodiver.com which is one of the largest sources of information about sharks and rays on the internet.

Posted May 30, 2006 by Andy Murch in Environment, Nature, Photography, Sharks

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