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Time between shark shoots is moving almost as fast as the shoots themselves. Between press releases, cutting a trailer, cleaning and filing hundreds of digital shark images, and reminding my two boys that they still have a dad, it’s hard to find time to do any local shark diving. That’s a shame because word has it that the Spiny Dogfish Sharks have started to arrive and soon the sporadic Sixgill Shark sightings will start. This year I have my Inspiration Rebreather ready to roll at a moments notice. If I hear that a Sixgill has been spotted at any of the local dive sights here on Southern Vancouver Island I’ll drop whatever I’m doing and try to locate it. This will be my first chance to try a rebreather on this species and I’m curious to see if the lack of noise will encourage them to stay around longer giving me some better photo opportunities.

If you hit the What’s New button on the Elasmodiver toolbar you’ll see that many new species from the Summer of the Sharks trip have already been loaded into the field guide and the Shark Picture database. We have been considering how to present all the new species in Shark Diver Magazine and we’ve decided that we need to produce a special edition of the mag just on the three week tour for the movie. We have plenty of topside images to complement the shark pictures and we’re bubbling over with stories so it should be a great read. More about this later if it materializes.

The first challenge after the Whale Shark trip will be to edit the next issue of Shark Diver. Congealing a handful of shark stories, advertisements, and storyless but publishable shark pictures into a readable format is not as easy as it sounds. I’d rather be in the water with the sharks than watching them swim across my computer screen but either way I’m involved with sharks and that’s good enough.


For the Sharks,

Andy Murch

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