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After the frustrations of Sixgill Shark hunting in BC for the last month, its finally time for me to head back out with Shark Diver to get some new shark pictures for the next issue of the mag. We have a really exciting itinerary that will take us along the Southern California coast in search of some of the coolest sharks you can find in the Americas.

Drive and dives are always fun but road trips through California are packed with opportunities. We are planning to hop between Catalina Island, LA County, San Diego and Guadalupe Island. If you know your sharks then you’re already reeling off the potential subjects: Horn sharks, Leopards, Soupfins, Smoothhounds, Swell Sharks, Angels, Makos, and finally Great White Sharks at Guadalupe – what an awesome agenda! Of course, we’ll be filming everything we can as part of the Shark Divers TV show so even if you’re not coming along you’ll be able to catch all the action (eventually).

This trip is an extra special one for me because although I have dove with around 50 species of sharks it has been a standing joke between Eli (Editor of SDM) and I that I have never seen a Great White Shark. In the past whenever a trip was planned I was always busy shooting somewhere else but finally it has all come together and we’re going after Mr. Big, Jaws, White Death, The Man in the Grey Suit, The caretaker, or whatever else you want to call him. Its gonna be very cool to come face to face with the most notorious face in nature for the first time. Crystal clear water, lots of white sharks, a warm drysuit, a giant memory card, and three days to film – heaven.

Hopefully my next post will include links to some great new shark pictures but first I need to change the oil in the Sharkmobile and follow the sun from Canada to Cali. I’ll be hugging the coast all the way down so if the ocean beckons before I hit LA I’ll simply pull over, dive in with my camera, and go look for sharks. Time to go pack…


For the sharks,

Andy Murch

Andy Murch is the host of a Shark Picture and Shark Information Database and Staff Photographer at Shark Diver Magazine


Posted September 2, 2006 by Andy Murch in Movie Journal, Nature, Photography, Sharks

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