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Summer is speeding by in a blur of shark photography shoots. I am sitting in a friend’s house in Ontario desperately trying to clean and prepare my images from the last two trips before starting the next one. Next week I am leaving for Baie Comeau in Quebec to hunt for Greenland Sharks. Following that adventure I plan to continue to the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswich to join Eli from Shark Diver Magazine on an attempt to find and photograph the Porbeagle Shark. Porbeagles (to my knowledge) have never been photographed by divers in the wild so it will be a historic achievement (in our small shark diving world) if we are successful.

Last week I was down in San Diego with Eli on a trip to find Mako Sharks for our readers. Over a five day period we brought in 14 Makos and although I spent a lot of time on deck I was able to get a number of new angles that can be found here: Mako Shark Pictures.

As I already had plenty of Mako shark pictures it was hard to justify the trip. Therefore, I needed to head off on my own in search of new sharks and rays after everyone left. I went north to Ventura and searched the kelp forests for  Angel Sharks and Swell Sharks. The sea was unusually calm so I had no problem locating these sharks and a new ray. The Thornback Ray is a unique animal that looks like it is part guitarfish and part skate. It is quite common in California but it was the first time I had seen one.

The west coast of North America has a very diverse array of elasmobranch species and there are still many that I have yet to photograph. Sadly, for personal reasons I am now relocating to Ontario which means that I will have less access to Pacific species but there are also a number of sharks and skates that I can now hunt for in the north east. The adventures will be more challenging but in some ways that just makes success that much sweeter when it finally comes.

Time to get back to the images. Keep an eye out for more shark pictures over the next few days.


For the sharks,

Andy Murch

Host of – The online shark picture database


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