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Our long overdue exodus from Canada has finally finished. I am writing this aboard the motor yacht that I work on part time which has just arrived in Puerto Los Cabos in San Jose del Cabo right down near Lands End at the bottom of the Baja Peninsula. It was surprisingly smooth sailing all the way from British Columbia; clear skies, huge pods of Pacific white-sided dolphins, and even a shark on the surface as we sailed south.

During the trip I had the chance to clean up some of my new Cortez round stingray pictures and Banded guitarfish pictures that I took a few weeks ago in Baja when we were driving my camper van down. That trip was short and sweet but this one is basically a one way trip. Now that we are in Cabo we’ll be putting down roots for a while and I’ll start calling some of my contacts that have promised to show me some new sharks and rays.

Rays abound in the Sea of Cortez but sharks are now few and far between due to over fishing. My friend Mauricio Hoyos (a shark researcher from Mexico City) has invited me to come shark tagging with him in La Paz next week. This is very exciting news because Mauricio tags the little sharks that divers rarely (if ever) see. I have some idea of what species to expect but I’m keeping it to myself until I have some shark pictures to load onto Elasmodiver.

To keep everyone happy until I load some new shark species, I have one new species of river stingray loaded. It is the most common species kept by aquarists because of its stunning coloration and comparative ease of keeping. If you’re interested take a look at the new Motoro Stingray species profile and Motoro Stingray Pictures page.

The word is spreading in Mexico that shark stocks are at critical levels and conservation efforts from groups like Iemanya Oceanica in La Paz have gone a long way to help protect the remaining stocks. More about Iemanya soon.

For the sharks,

Andy Murch

Shark Pictures

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