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I talked to Eli Martinez (Publisher of Shark Diver Magazine) last week about the bull shark shoot that he had just returned from in Playa del Carmen. He was raving about how good it was but said that the if I wanted to go I was gonna have to hustle because the bull sharks are seasonal and they were gone by March 1st last year. From his description of the feed I started to get really excited but I had to go to sea on the yacht that Claire and I work on so there was no chance to arrange tickets. I thought that we had missed the boat for this year.

As soon as the yacht got back to Cabo we raced into town and found some cheap flights but the plane was scheduled to leave only three hours from when we bought the tickets so we had to scramble to get all the photography gear together and get to the airport in time. It was a crazy morning but we made it.

We were met at Phantom Divers in Playa Del Carmen late that night by Jorge Loria (Chino to his friends) who pioneered the bull shark feed. He showed us some video of what to expect and we spent the night tweaking the cameras and getting ready.

The sharks were spectacular. It was the very end of the season so there were only 7 sharks on the first day and 4 on the second but it was still worth the effort to get there. The sharks were all big females around 6 to 8ft long. It was a very deep feed in strong currents and the sharks were a little hesitant to take the bonito that Chino was hand feeding them with but we eventually had enough opportunities to shoot some pretty good Bull shark pictures to replace the low resolution ones that I had on Elasmodiver before.

Chino is really keen to find out where the sharks go at the end of the season so I put him in touch with my buddy Mauricio who conducts the Great White Shark tagging study at Guadalupe Island. Hopefully next year they will be able to gather some interesting data.

Now I’m back on the boat trying to get all my shark and ray pics sorted out. I have been busy shooting around Cabo whenever I have free time and I’ve got some nice new images of a number of species. I also have a new shark but I’m saving that one until I’ve got a story to go with it.

Elasmodiver has been expanding again. With Mauricio’s help I have converted my Shark Picture Index into Spanish so that it is easier for native Spanish speakers to browse through the shark and ray species. Now I need to find some French and German marine biologists that would like to help me load the index into their languages too! Click on this link Imágenes de Tiburones y Rayas to take a look.

Lastly, Ekrem from Spain sent me a link to his fun but sad sharks in danger of extinction cartoon that I promised to share with everyone.

If time permits, I’ll be loading new ray shots every few days so keep checking back.

For the sharks,

Andy Murch

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